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Is There Any Difference Between Web Development And Design Services?

Having an online resource to enhance the number of your clients is mandatory. Simply creating a plain website which does nothing to increase traffic is not very desirable though. You need to engage professional firms adept at web development and design services if you want to make your website an effective marketing tool. Although the terms web design and development are often used interchangeably, they are two different aspects that are required to create and host a website. You need to know exactly what the services mean before you can ask the designers and developers to start working on your website. Here is a gist that will give you a fair idea of what you are actually going to get.

Web Designing

The design is what you see when you look at your website. The colors, fonts used, images as well as your company logo are all placed in prominent parts of the webpage and the end result is a neat page that looks great and interesting at the same time. The ease of navigation and the presence of important buttons or information in strategic locations all help to convert the visitors into your clients. Designing, is therefore, one of the most important parts of building a website. Your prospective customer is supposed to be impressed by it. It is a make and break situation for you. You must be aware of what you want as well as be open to suggestions from the company professionals because the ultimate goal is to expand your client base.

A company offering only web designing services will be concerned with the following:-

• Balance– Distributing the heavier and lighter elements within a page so that it looks aesthetically pleasing.

• Contrasts– Creating contrasts that are striking. These could involve colors, fonts, images, or shapes.

• Emphasis– Creating a hierarchy of elements included in the page by order of their importance is one of the key functions of a web designer. The elements will be lost if equal emphasis is given to all. Font types, styles and colors along with position and highlights are used effectively to bring out the emphasis.

• Repetition– Rhythm or repetition is another important aspect of website designing. The same color, fonts, and logo along with bar colors should be repeated in each page which helps the visitor understand that they are learning about a single company.

Web Development

Development is concerned with the hidden elements that make your web site dynamic. It helps the customer to submit a form or enter their contact details and queries along with helping them choosing a product/service from your page. A developer works with:-

• Computer languages like JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Perl or C++.

• Creating and recalling information from a database.

• Project management.

However, most people are not aware of the difference and refer to both as web development and design services. There is no reason for you to be fastidious but you must make sure to ask the company about their credentials and only engage them if they can design your site as well as help you to interact with your visitors via the website.

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